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Western and Fusion bondage

Western bondage

Western bondage evolved for the purpose of torture and is generally focused on restraining someone to do something else to them, like a spanking. Western bondage is all about putting restraint and restriction first, regardless of gender, size, or flexibility. Thus the west developed hand cuffs, restraints, and only use rope as a fall back. In the west bondage is generally viewed as a basic skill, something you learn to tie someone up with, and that is the end of what you learn bondage for.

Many people associate western bondage with being overpowered or forced, as in the classic “Damsel in distress” bondage. Western Bondage is the fine art of functional bondage. Form and style have given away to functionality and speed.

Fusion bondage

Where east meets west: the type of bondage that mixes both eastern and western styles and tries to combine the best of both. Functionality meets esthetics, and personality interpretes the rules.

There is no better or best bondage style: the aim of any bondage in BDSM practice is to give each other mutual pleasure, both the rigger and the model, by the best possible techniques they can master or can undergo and if that goal is achieved in a safe way, any style is a good style.

Photo © Sappho

Rigger: Ivy Nawakami  Model: efes