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Suspension bondage

Suspension bondage is a form of sexual bondage where a bound person is hung from one or more overhead suspension points. Suspension bondage is considered to carry a higher risk than other forms of sexual bondage.

In full suspension the person is completely supported by suspension ropes, cables or chains, and thas no contact with the ground. The position of the person's body in a full suspension is only limited by their endurance and the skill of the binder. In partial suspension, the person can touch the ground, e.g. on tiptoe or with the shoulders.

The main effect of suspension bondage is to create a heightened sense of vulnerability and inescapability, as the subject is made to feel that by attempting to free themselves they may fall and hurt themselves, thus also creating a form of mental bondage in addition to the physical one that holds them. Being suspended, especially in a large open space, also creates a sense of objectification, submissiveness and erotic helplessness for the subject, which can be erotically stimulating for them and for those observing them. Rope suspension is sometimes done as performance art at BDSM conventions and fetish-themed nightclubs.

The three main suspension positions are vertical, horizontal and inverted.

Photo © BDSMAttitude - Rigger : Marc Bond - model: efes

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