Strictly 18+ only

Kristin Farrell

I am a forty-something who enjoys walking, running, cycling and music plus other stuff that will make me sound SO boring like gardening, music and reading :)

Well, what can I say but I love erotic art! I have been creating it for a few years now, originally sketching nudes in pencil. When I discovered Poser I realised I had stumbled on something important, a way to make the things I really wanted. Now I use Poser Pro to create the figures, Vue 7 Infinite to render them and Photoshop CS to post-work them. I am interested in other software and I am enjoying the learning process.

I enjoy all forms of art, not just 3D and not just erotic but I think it's what I do best. So I guess there is a good reason I have a dirty mind :)

The 3D community is a great one, full of fantastic people, yes, sure you stumble across the occasional twit but on the whole what a great bunch! I hang out at the best erotic art site there is Renderotica but I also pop on Art of Darkness and Raunchy Minds from time to time.

Some of my stories are pretty coarse, but I tend to type it as I think it, that way it can be a little raw but it gets the emotion across. Hey, who am I kidding, it just shows how pervy I am! (maybe I shouldn't have mentioned the gardening...). To see more, please visit my website.


I enjoy commissioned work, I enjoy the interaction with the customer. For me being asked to create something and getting it right, making exactly what is wanted is a real buzz.

Cost is negotiable, dependant on what it is that is required. Should you be interested please contact me on to discuss your requirements.