Strictly 18+ only

Safety first


Practice is required, and for many actions (bondage, whips, pain, electro ..) experience is quite important. Always test a whip on your own arm, or clamps on your own hand (the skin between thumb and finger), observe the sub continuisly, and talk with him or her, before, during and after any interaction.


Both partners must strive to give pleasure to others. It is absolutely wrong that only the submissive is to contribute to that, because that is unilateral sadism or masochism.


The submissive is allowed to call a stop to a scene at any time (refer to safewords)… and um, the dominant too, of course.


The submissive is allowed to stop the BDSM relationship at any time… and um, the dominant too, of course.


Ensure that any act takes place in the most safest possible way. The dominant is always responsible for the safety and health of the submissive.


Intensive communication is required before and after any scene. The limits as stated by the submissive must be respected by the dominant (edge play can be agreed upon). The dominant remains at all times responsible.


The submissive should be able to feel confident to deliver himself or herself to the power of the dominant and to accept any physical or mental restrictions as imposed by the dominant, in full knowledge that all these conditions will be respected.


In terms of objective age we strictly adhere to the 18+ rule. In terms of subjective age, participants can be even a little bit older.


These acronyms are often used to point at BDSM safety issues.


SSC means Safe, Sane and Consensual, and implies that all actions are guaranteed to be safe and are no threat to the health of any of the participanst, who all agree with what is going to happen.


Risk-aware consensual kink (RACK, also risk-accepted consensual kink) is an acronym used by some of the BDSM community to describe a philosophical view that is generally permissive of certain risky sexual behaviors, as long as the participants are fully aware of the risks.

BDSM Attitude aims at inspiring towards a BDSM ideology in which the following conditions are of primary importance.